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Bachelor's and Master's


Here at the Escola Politècnica Superior de Vilanova i la Geltrú we have been offering Bologna-adapted degrees since 2009. Students from outside the EPSEVG can participate in the following Bachelor and Master’s degree but note that nearly all courses will be taught in Spanish or Catalan.

Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering

You will have the right training to carry out the management of electrical systems projects, high, medium and low voltage installations, automation of machines, lines of industrial production, generation and distribution of electrical energy; electric vehicles, renewable energies in wind and photovoltaic systems.

Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design and Product Development

You will be trained as a qualified professional to develop industrial design and product development activities. You will acquire the necessary skills to deal with knowledge management and the projective experience necessary for the planning and development of the whole life process of a product.

Bachelor's degree in Industrial Electronics and Automatic Control Engineering

You will have the training to carry out engineering project management related to automation and industrial robotics, electronic control systems, instrumentation and analog, digital and power electronics. You can design and manage industrial installations, automatic machines and work in the implementation and maintenance of equipment.

Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering

It will give you the right training to carry out the management of engineering projects related to the design of machines and systems of industrial production, tools CAD, CAM and CAE, the design and construction of industrial facilities , design and construction of industrial air conditioning and refrigeration systems or projects related to fluid engineering.

Bachelor's degree in Informatics Engineering

Information Technology is a specialty within the degree of Computer Engineering where you will be able to design systems and applications based on Internet technologies, acquiring the necessary knowledge in databases and operating systems.

Master's degree in Automatic Systems and Industrial Electronics Engineering

With this master's degree you will acquire knowledge for the design, implementation of electronic automatic systems, the automation and robotization of processes, intelligent electronic systems, programmable, autonomous and low power consumption with communication capabilities both in wired and wireless networks.