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Standout projects

The Vilanova i la Geltrú School of Engineering (EPSEVG) , takes pride in its students’ participation in self-initiated projects that help foster entrepreneurship, teamwork and multidisciplinarity. Initiatives of this kind are possible thanks to the variety of bachelor's degrees taught at our school.

We currently have four standout projects: three motor racing teams that participate in international competitions where they can see how their knowledge and skills measure up against those of other university teams from around the world; and “+DI”, a student association focusing on industrial design that organises a variety of activities in this field with the collaboration of leading companies in the sector.

All these student groups operate like companies. Among other things, this means securing funding to carry out projects and contacting companies to develop the products they create. Thanks to this way of working, participating students are able to make connections and have an edge when it comes to finding a job after graduating.

  • E3-Team EPSEVG

    E3-Team EPSEVG

    The E-3team, made up of EPSEVG students, participates in the MotoStudent International Competition with an electric motorbike that they've designed and built by applying what they've learned in their bachelor's degree studies.



  • EPSEVG Racing Team

    EPSEVG Racing Team

    EPSEVG Racing Team is made up of students from different bachelor’s degree courses taught at the School. Drawing on what they learn in class, they build a motorbike with an internal combustion engine to participate in the MotoStudent International Competition.



  • MESDI Group

    MESDI Group

    Student members of the MESDI group organise workshops, lectures, talks and roundtables to promote disegn at the EPSEVG and complement their training in engineering.



  • Vilanova Formula Team

    Vilanova Formula Team

    The knowledge acquired in EPSEVG bachelor’s degrees is put into practice by students on the Vilanova Formula Team , who compete in the global Formula Sudent competition with a single-seat racing car built by the team.





    The TEDxUPC team is interested in activities related to creative thinking, design, innovation and product engineering.



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